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Budget Fence and Gate Systems has been providing customers with effective and high quality fencing, gate and gate automation products and services since 1950. Whether you are a business owner or management company looking to secure the assets of your company, or a concerned individual about the safety of your home, we have the right fencing and gate automation solution to suit your needs.

Certified Gate System Installers

Residential and Commercial Security Gate Systems

Never underestimate how much your driveway or entrance contributes to your house or property’s overall appeal. Curb appeal is a major factor when it comes to real estate value appraisals. The right driveway design improves the value of your home or Commercial Property. Driveways and entrances are often the first thing you see as you approach a property, thus it makes a prominent and luxurious statement.  We love the challenge of creating the unique and custom design ideas or dreams for your Gate Systems project. 

Gate System Solutions

Whether your gate project is big or small, basic or intricate, manual or automated, let Budget Fence and Gate Systems help you find your solution.  We don’t just offer these services as a convenience or a side note to the fence business; we specialize in this category and have decades of experience we bring to the table- its all in our name. 

Gate Systems Management

The manager of our Gate Systems department comes with the extensive past experience of having managed a company through which all available automated control systems on the market are purchased from.  He fully knows and understands the ins and outs, and pros and cons of the many different available systems.  With this knowledge, he guides, trains, and leads our staff to the most appropriate, and cutting edge technologies and installation methods in the industry. 

Gate System Professional Installation

Our team is familiar with and can service most products on the market, even the ones we don’t currently choose to provide.  Our friendly staff members are equipped with the knowledge to help come up with the optimal gate solution for your project.  All of our Gate Systems come with professional installation to make sure you receive both quality product and service. 

Variety of Gate Products

Some of our many gate products include Chain link, PVC/Vinyl, Aluminum, and Wood as well as many other specialty options.  Our gates can be installed using different styles based on customer needs for security, privacy, safety, access control requirements, building codes, and other regulations or eye catching design requests.  Our knowledgeable staff and extensive experience allow us to handle any scale of residential or commercial gate project. Whatever the scale, we’ll get the job done right. 

Benefits of Automated Gate Systems

Various properties, whether residential or commercial, need to have security parameters installed along their perimeters or boundaries.  These security parameters come in the form of fences and gates. With gates being the point of entry and exit, due attention should be given to them when planning a property’s security parameters. Gates not only provide security but also contribute to the overall aesthetic feel. 

There are different kinds of gates such as sliding, swing, cantilever, and boom. The best choice to utilize depends on the property they will be installed on.  When it comes to how these gates are operated, they can either be manual or automatic otherwise known as automated.  For many applications, installing an automated gate is popular choice.  Some of the reasons why are as follow:


Automated gates allow our customers to enter their properties without having to get out of their cars to open manual gates – a clear advantage when it’s raining or late at night.  It also closes automatically so you don’t have to be mindful of closing and locking the gate after entering.

Gate System
Gate System

Gate Systems are More Secure

Automated gates, as their name implies, come with automatic locks, integrated safety beams, and other features that boost security. Also, doing away with the need to get out of the car to open and close the gates significantly lowers the risk of something happening while you are outside the car such as getting mugged or having your car stolen. 

Take Up Less Space

Landscaping and parking area capacity are no longer problems when you elect to install automated sliding gates for your property. Instead of being limited to swinging only in or out, slide gates allow landscaping and parking areas to not be affected, increasing your space.  You can even utilize the space right next to the sliding gate because it will not take up a large area when opening or closing.  Smaller properties greatly benefit by opting to go with sliding gates.

More Functional in Certain Conditions

There are instances where automated slide gates are better used than manual swing gates. Sliding gates are better for very wide openings in properties, especially in industrial or commercial ones, and for driveways that have an upward slope.  Swing gates on the other hand can either be opened together or one at a time for easy access such as taking out the garbage. 

Gate Systems are Durable

Design and manufacturing of these types of gates are done with the aid of precision technology.  As such, they are built with durability and functionality in mind.  These gates are built to withstand continuous or highly used and trafficked areas or locations.  

They Enhance Visual Appeal and Add Value to your Property

These gates are highly customizable and can easily accommodate most personal preferences or designs to enhance your properties exterior. You get to decide the gate’s size, material, and finish, along with its drive system, and safety devices.  Also, having this particular feature can easily boost your property’s market value and increases its appeal should you wish to sell in the future.  We can make your gate to any design to meet your properties specifications to ensure the perfect fit. 

Gate Automation Provides Security

The primary benefit of having an automated gate is that it is the simplest way to improve the security of your home or business. It is important that you choose a company with dedicated experience within the gate automation industry to do the job right.  Poor installation or poor quality products can turn your gate project into a nightmare, instead of being an asset for the protection of your family or business.  We have carefully analyzed the many available products, and installation methods and have aligned ourselves with only the best products and practices in the industry.  The line of products we recommend were selected to ensure the integrity of your Gate System, and the long term success of your expectations. 

A Reputable Gate Automation Security Company

Budget Fence and Gate Systems has been providing customers with effective and high quality gate and gate automation products and services since 1950. Whether you are a business owner or management company looking to secure the assets of your company, or a concerned individual about the safety of your home, we have the right gate automation solution to suit your needs. 

Our highly skilled and trained Gate System technicians can diagnose, service, or repair issues within your existing systems.  We also provide a full line of available Gate operators, access control systems, intercom systems, and security surveillance offerings.  Our access control security solutions provide a wide selection of  card readers, programmable keypads, wireless keypads, and Bluetooth technologies ensuring that only the right people have access to the property.   

Gates as Security

When it comes to installing a gate system at your residential or business property, assessing the risk of your property is the first step. There are several different products that can improve the security of your property.  With the advances in technology and more affordable prices than ever available, you can enjoy comprehensive security system for your property.

Gate System Installation

The installation of fencing should be the first step to securing your property.  In doing this, you will be able to regulate the flow of visitors to your property through one central access point.  The proper barrier gate and automation is a vital part of this step.  This will allow you to have more stringent control over the people that enter your property.  Gate automation allows you to first identify your visitor and the nature of their visit before opening the gate via remote access. Other benefits of automatic gates include the safety, security, and convenience of opening and closing the gate from inside your home or property in many cases.

If you would like to find out more about the products and services that Budget Fence and Gate Systems has to offer and how we can improve the security of your property please contact us to meet with a project design consultant.  With a wide range of gate solutions, and decades of creativity and expertise, we are a safe choice for your investment.

Project Design Consultants

Meet with one of our knowledgeable project design consultants to assist in carefully considering your choices.  Our experienced project design consultants can meet with you to discuss any design elements and security requests you wish to incorporate into your installation.  We will listen to your ideas, needs, or concerns to provide a comprehensive plan of action to accommodate them.  Throughout this process, we can provide pictures, installation techniques, and recommendations as a solution to your project.

Please refer to our impressive resume of high end security needs clients who have elected to repeatedly trust us with their projects on our about page.    

For all of your Gate, Gate Automation, Access Control, and Security needs in Palm Beach, Martin and Broward Counties please call the experts at Budget Fence and Gate Systems.  In addition to new systems installation, we provide diagnosis, service and repairs of existing systems. 


What Budget Fence & Gate Systems Customers Say

Find out why we are the Highest Rated Fence Company in South Florida:

Nick RussoNick Russo
16:37 09 Feb 24
This is a company you can trust. I contacted their office, was greeted by a professional receptionist who answered all of my questions. I provided them with my land survey and location of my home for fencing. Unfortunately, do to the location of my home they could not provide services. However, instead of ignoring me, I received a follow up phone call from them, was advised that they could not assist me and then they actually provided me with assistance in finding a company that could help. It is rare to find a company that will go out of their way to help when there is no financial incentive. However, this is one of those rare companies. Also, they did put up my brother in law's fence and he is completely happy with their work and the quality of the fence!
Glenida RosdahlGlenida Rosdahl
00:08 01 Feb 24
They did a great job love my new fence John was very professional and helpful the office staff was also very nice and helpful with everything
Jennifer LaneJennifer Lane
21:15 24 Jan 24
Budget Fence is the best.So far I’ve used Budget Fence twice.Danny is my salesman and he is awesome. He is truly a peace maker and the ultimate customer service provider.I have one more project to complete on my home and I will definitely be contacting Danny at Budget Fence to complete itI’m very 100% satisfied with all the service that Budget Fence had provided me with.
Colin KeffnerColin Keffner
14:17 11 Jan 24
Johnny was quick and professional when we needed a gate replaced last week. The work was done quickly and Johnny's communication throughout the project was fantastic!
Michael CalabreseMichael Calabrese
17:13 05 Jan 24
The new fence. Buy budget fence is very well done good looking and my sales man Robert Gillis was great
Joseph OlympioJoseph Olympio
00:36 03 Jan 24
Budget fence was a professional experience from start to finish. Their quote was thorough and discussed via a walk through. I had a lot of questions and they answered them all. After permit was complete the installation crew arrived shortly thereafter and was very friendly. We walked down again, made some slight field changes based on actually "seeing" where it was going to end up. The installation crew was extremely professional and helpful. They cleaned up after themselves and did high quality work. I would certainly recommend Budget Fence and Gate to anyone looking for a fence installer.
Hien MaHien Ma
20:08 02 Jan 24
We want to express our gratitude to the Budget Fence Team, with special appreciation for Robert Gillis' exceptional thoroughness and responsiveness throughout the entire process, from the initial stages to completion. Despite encountering some issues (they have nothing to do with Budget Fence), Robert went above and beyond, making multiple trips to our house to ensure our needs were addressed. His pleasant demeanor and comprehensive explanations made the entire experience smooth.The support from the entire team, including Danny, Cindi, and Jackie, was invaluable. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive, returning calls promptly. Danny called and took his time to assure us that everything would be fine. He said we would take care of it, and he did. The installation team was friendly and knowledgeable, completing the project in just a few hours and resulting in a beautiful fence.While I seldom provide reviews, this company deserves praise and business from anyone seeking quality service. I highly recommend them. Thank you, the Budget Fence and Gate Team!
Dan ShorterDan Shorter
03:53 16 Dec 23
Kiandre did a great job along with others from the Budget Fence & Gate team overhauling our gate system. Prompt, professional, explained everything. Greatly appreciated!!
Sarah VoelsSarah Voels
18:54 09 Dec 23
I just want to say that Dre, an employee of Budget Fence, is an excellent individual. He has worked on my gate a couple of times and has displayed on point customer service. As a business owner myself, I would really like someone like him working for me. (Written by Jeff Paino)
hamsa masrihamsa masri
18:50 06 Dec 23
This company is not professional, and the sales person lied didn’t care after he took the deposit never called us back and didn’t check with us even we ask him multiple time to come and tell us where the fence is going. He’s always traveling is always on vacation, two months after when we got the permit, they sent someone to install and installer said that we have to remove almost 18 Erika tree because that’s where the fence is going, after we hired Landscaper to remove all the tree and paid $3100 to remove trees they install fence was 3 feet away from where the Eureka tree we paid extra money was not at budget to remove trees was so far from where fence was install like 3 feet away . Worst and we had the worst service. They put us through hell and expense was not needed and then when I asked him why, he said the guy who was supposed to install it just a contractor( what does that mean?) If they hire, Contractor doesn’t work for the company it’s on them not meI will not recommend this company to anyone. Manager was very rude to us.(Todd) We left him Email he didn’t bother answering us until until he decided to send us threat that he is taking us to court when we never said we are not paying all we ask for a little help help with the cost of landscaping that was not necessary.We paid $7500 plus $3100 to landscaping and they add two extra fee on top of all the costDon’t recommend this company to anyone
Rob ScolnickRob Scolnick
08:23 01 Dec 23
Great service. Honest and reputable.
Rick JonesRick Jones
20:43 30 Nov 23
It was a pleasure working with them, very professional and reasonably priced. I am happy we found them. Great job
Wendy KellyWendy Kelly
22:16 28 Nov 23
I chose Budget Fence despite the higher cost.Although there were initial challenges, the company promptly addressed and resolved my concerns. Apart from the sales representative and a manager, the rest of the team was pleasant, understanding, and dedicated to rectifying any issues.Special kudos to Justin Post, the last installer, for fixing the fence and addressing the lock and handle problem. The office manager also provided excellent support.I recommend this company because they ensure customer satisfaction and promptly address any errors. It's worth the extra investment. A big thank you to the Budget Fence team!
Mary PresslyMary Pressly
18:50 28 Nov 23
Great service!
Donna ChristyDonna Christy
00:57 13 Nov 23
Budget Fence did an excellent job installing a wooden fence on my property all was done in a timely manner.
Janet KinsellaJanet Kinsella
15:06 10 Nov 23
We are more than happy with the new fence and gates around our house and pool. Our house has never looked better. Everyone in your company was awesome to deal with. Sorry that I don't know the names of all our installers, but Sean worked on the final stage of our project and he and all the other installers were outstanding.
Shauna HostetlerShauna Hostetler
14:06 03 Nov 23
Prompt service, showed up when they said they would, completed work in a timely manner. Excellent quality of work. Effective communication. Will definitely use Budget Fence again.
Cordula ZiemannCordula Ziemann
09:45 01 Nov 23
We were looking to have vinyl privacy fence installed and love our new fence. From the moment we contacted the compny to the finished installation, everything was accomplished in a timely manner. The sales person, Frank, was so nice and very responsive. He made it very easy to decide to use Budget Fence. We highly recomend using this company.
Terrence HamiltonTerrence Hamilton
20:56 27 Oct 23
Responded quickly to my inquiry. Kept me updated throughout process. Quality work.
Danny KirnerDanny Kirner
16:30 25 Oct 23
The guys showed up on time to repair my fence. They completed the job quickly and efficiently.
nancy mantellnancy mantell
15:21 25 Oct 23
Such a great and reliable company! Responds to any concerns almost immediately ! They put my mind at ease and have endless patience It was a pleasure from start to finish Thank you!!!
Matt MosquedaMatt Mosqueda
15:13 22 Oct 23
They came out and completed the job within 48 hrs. Very professional and quality work. Great experience.
Karl SnyderKarl Snyder
18:08 19 Oct 23
Our 10 year old vinyl fence gates needed adjustment/realignment and Johnny was the tech to do the job. Johnny was very communicative of his schedule, the work that needed to be done to the fence system in order to get the gates realigned and ultimately described all that had been done to get the job done right. Johnny persistently worked on the fence and gates until it was done right and to his satisfaction which was very much to our satisfaction.If you need vinyl fence/gate repairs Budget Fence and Gate Systems are the folks to call!
17:07 19 Oct 23
Johnny was a great communicator. He was able to deal with both my wife and myself with no issues. He is very grateful for the work and presents himself as a happy individual, which is always a plus. Highly recommend.
amy kamy k
20:41 18 Oct 23
I had a very good experience with Budget Gate. I was contacted quickly after my initial request and had an estimate the same day. Once I approved the estimate (after getting a competitive bid), the gate was made and installed. It was truly a pleasure.
Dan GuinDan Guin
14:54 16 Oct 23
Replaced gate and bent top rail.
David FreedmanDavid Freedman
13:55 13 Oct 23
Johnny responded to my call, quoted me a price and showed up the next morning to fix our fence. He was professional and courteous. Budget Fence has good systems and they make it easy for customer. Plus they have cool wrapped truck. Solid experience!
Aronica NavaAronica Nava
14:15 10 Oct 23
Columbo SaggeseColumbo Saggese
18:23 09 Oct 23
John is all about the customer , and to make sure all is done right. installers were top notch very happy with the whole experience
Juan ColladoJuan Collado
14:48 06 Oct 23
When I started looking for companies to redue my fence I called and got quotes from more than 5 companies, budget fence had the best price by far. Not only did they exceed my expectations with their price, but their service and timeliness is exceptional. 2 days after receiving the permit from the city my fence was up and looking perfect. Justin was really helpful and always answered the phone and any questions I had. Best fence company in town by far!
Susan TobinSusan Tobin
12:32 06 Oct 23
Dave's crew installed my new PVC fence yesterday and did a fabulous job. The fence is beautiful and installed to perfection. I will definitely recommend them.
Amy TroisiAmy Troisi
19:17 02 Oct 23
Great customer service!Thank you Johnny 🙏🏼
Daisy ThomasDaisy Thomas
22:03 28 Sep 23
Quick clean professional installation. When I had a minor issue was dealt with in an efficient matter of time.
Dennis BelmonteDennis Belmonte
15:46 25 Sep 23
They honored their warranty work. Some businesses doesn't even do that. That's why I stand by this business. Thank you for honoring your warranty work.
Fred ReberFred Reber
19:53 21 Sep 23
22:04 19 Sep 23
Reggie and Umberto were fantastic. I had a lot of difficulties with my HOA but the team at Budget Fence were very patient, helpful and understanding. They're an empathetic business who does good work.
Billie GahertyBillie Gaherty
13:36 16 Sep 23
Immediately responded to my request for gate repair. Called to confirm receipt of emailed quote. A very competitive bid. When I was ready to move forward with the work it was scheduled within a few days. They accommodated my dogs by working quickly on repairs. Very much will use them again. Very much recommend them for all your gate needs. 👍
Brian GongBrian Gong
00:43 16 Sep 23
We had an amazing experience with this company. Robert was thorough and responsive, and we could tell that he wanted to make sure he understood exactly what we wanted. Dave's crew worked their butts off and did some awesome, precise, clean, high-quality work. We ordered a custom, horizontal slot fence with aluminum posts which was very labor-intensive. The crew was great and incredibly professional. Highly recommend!
Rozana NRozana N
22:04 13 Sep 23
Can I give a ten star rating? Ryan, from Budget Fencing, was given the task of assisting me with an urgent, tiny order. My request was treated as if I was his most important, largest customer., continously informing me of progress. Not only did he go the extra mile to have the order manufactured post haste, but took it upon himself to go the extra 27 miles to make sure I got it on time. Ryan, you are a credit to your company . It is service like this that elevates agood organisation to a great company. A massive thank you !
Sue BakerSue Baker
14:33 13 Sep 23
Moved into a new home and the aluminum pool fence had several major damaged sections. It was very unstable and the gates were not up to code. Johnny personally came out to see what was needed, provided the estimate and had the new fence/parts installed ahead of schedule. He was a pleasure to work with and very responsive. I wouldn't hesitate to use this company again!
Mardee ReillyMardee Reilly
19:48 07 Sep 23
Budget fence is the BEST! Very organized and efficient. Johnny did the repairs and did a wonderful job. Thanks so much.
Dottie DavidsonDottie Davidson
10:58 02 Sep 23
Excellent job!
Rob HarrisonRob Harrison
22:34 31 Aug 23
Tom at Budget Fence is the best. He is one of the nicest, most honest guys I know. He will give you the best deal and the best service.
Christopher GamerChristopher Gamer
18:26 30 Aug 23
From start to finish Budget Fence nailed it. John never let my call go past the 1st ring before he picked up. He answered on weekends, and after hours happily. Wilmer and the instillation team did a perfect job. Costumer service was amazing. We never needed for anything. We would highly recommend Budget Fence to anyone.
Tiara WilliamsTiara Williams
15:17 28 Aug 23
(Portosol Hoa)We could not be happier with such impeccable service! Johnny Greco keeps his word and he is very punctual! Best Fence company in the area!
Ricardo Rodriguez JrRicardo Rodriguez Jr
16:03 24 Aug 23
Reached out to Budget Fence and Gate Systems for repair on a chain link fence. Johnny was very professional and attentive during the process. The work was of great quality and work was completed in a timely manner. I would highly recommend using their company for any fence repairs you may need.
William NapierWilliam Napier
15:04 22 Aug 23
We had Budget Fence and Gate install our fence a couple years ago. That was a terrific experience and they keep hitting home runs! We’ve had a couple repairs due damage from a landscaper and Budget Fence and Gate has been on-time, on estimate and highly professional. Highly recommended!
Liberty JimLiberty Jim
13:06 19 Aug 23
They are the fastest and best fence company I have ever used. Robert lead the project and knocked it out of the park. They fenced in an entire quarter acre from scratch, within 1 day. They do quality work in the fastest time possible. Would recommend to anyone else in community.
Herb OldenburgHerb Oldenburg
17:58 15 Aug 23
Budget Fence recently installed our PVC fences and we need a company that not only installs but services the installation after the work gets completed. The service tech Johnny Greco not only is ontime, he is efficient and provides timely updates before, during and after the service call is completed. If you manage a property this quality of service is needed to better manage your service requests. 10 stars if possible. Thank you.
Beth WhiteBeth White
19:58 14 Aug 23
My experience was very positive. Phone calls were returned, the job was bid, the job was executed, and was done on time. I highly recommend using this company.
Kristie LeggeKristie Legge
01:55 10 Aug 23
Johnny is really friendly and prompt, he did a great job on repairing our fence after a tree fell on it. The companies communication is really good about sending you notifications with who is going to your home and when they should arrive. It took a while to get a call back after initially submitting the email request for a quote, but once we got the quote the repair happened very quickly. I would call Budget Fencing again for any repairs or new installs for sure.
Lisa RobinLisa Robin
18:00 04 Aug 23
I found Budget Fences to by fairly priced and the employees where a pleasure to work with. Sincerely, Lisa R
20:54 31 Jul 23
Thank you Robert and the team! Our fence looks great, many complements from the neighbors.
Doug KnieriemDoug Knieriem
17:59 31 Jul 23
Johnny Greco installed our dock gate for our HOA and did a fantastic job. We had a key issue (couldn’t copy the keys for the HOA members) and Johnny contacted the lock manufacturer and had a solution along with a new locking mechanism quickly. No key copying issues. Thanks, Johnny Greco and Budget Fencing.
Latoya DavisLatoya Davis
15:26 28 Jul 23
We wanted to Acknowledge Justin for his Exemplary Service! We have fencing with Budget and have continued with them for repairs. Justin and Eddie did an Outstanding job and made the fence look Brand New!! Budget Fence is A1!! All The Best
Jason DanielJason Daniel
23:01 24 Jul 23
This is a top notch company for your fencing needs. I contacted several companies prior to beginning my project and while they were not the cheapest, I’m convinced they are the best. Ram into an issue during permitting but they resolved it quickly. Installation only took a couple of days. Had a few small items to correct but they were very responsive and solved everything to my satisfaction. Danny, the installation manager was responsive and within a couple of days, all items were addressed. This is great customer service, not something typical in S Florida. Thanks for a great experience and a great finished product.
Ashley RodriguezAshley Rodriguez
03:31 28 Jun 23
Absolutely recommend! They took 2 hours from the time they got here to the time they left! They're ready to install practically immediately! Theres no waiting, and no interference! Quick, professional, affordable and the sales guys are friendly, nice and compassionate!
Ivan Villard, Jr.Ivan Villard, Jr.
18:55 12 Jun 23
Jennifer and Johnny Greco are exceptional! I’m pleased with their service from the moment I called them, all the way to the completion of the repair on our kids’ playground fence. Their installers were great, friendly, and professional. Thank you for the great service!
11:48 19 May 23
Budget Fencing did an excellent job on our pool fencing project. Their sales Rep John was very helpful and responsive. Their permitting team (Jackie) did a great job handling permitting challenges cause by a previous, really bad, unscrupulous fencing company. We learned the hard way that the lowest priced contractor is almost never the right choice. Poor quality and cutting corners will always cost more in the long run.Budget was not the lowest cost, but their reliability, responsiveness, quality, and integrity made them the best choice for our fencing needs.I highly recommend John and the Budget Fencing team for your next fencing project.
Laurie HacklerLaurie Hackler
15:16 18 May 23
Guys did a great job. Fast and good job site clean up. John was a thorough salesman and followed up after the job was completed. Would recommend their services.
Matthew FeaganesMatthew Feaganes
17:13 11 May 23
Called and sent in a few photos of the repairs I was in need of to my wood fence. I record a call back from Johnny and Brian to discuss. Scheduled with Johnny, who arrived the next day. Discussed a plan on how he intended to make the repair. Johnny completed the job in an acceptable amount of time and now my fence is no longer leaning and feel as sturdy as when it was first installed. Already gave recommendation to my neighbor who asked about them when he saw the truck in my driveway.Matt
Angelica NegronAngelica Negron
22:33 21 Feb 23
Budget Fence did it AGAIN!! Flippin AMAZING work! 🔥🔥🔥 I will definitely continue to share your company name!! You guys have proven once more that your quality work is off the chain!! ❤️ I got my very 1st fence with you guys in 1995! I have shared your name with over 100 others and I will continue to do so!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! 🙂🙂🙂🙂 special Thank you to Danny for making it happen!!! YOU ROCK!! 💪💪💪
Rebecca BoniRebecca Boni
20:01 04 Jan 23
I was so happy with Budget Fence! First of all, I had such a hard time trying to get companies to actually call me back or just to show up for their estimate appointments. Tom with budget Fence showed up very promptly and gave me a very reasonable estimate that I was so happy with. They did the installation when they said they would and it turned out absolutely beautiful! I am so happy with my new fence! Odie the worker, did such a great job and cleaned up so thoroughly afterwards It doesn't look like anything was done except I am left with this beautiful white vinyl fence. I highly recommend this company for all of your fencing needs! I am so happy that I went with budget fence and gate systems!
Randall FickRandall Fick
20:48 29 Dec 22
I was very happy with this companyAll the staff was amazing, especially Tom and Jennifer
Peter GaudreauPeter Gaudreau
17:47 21 Feb 22
They did an amazing job. If you need any type of fence, this is your company. I thought they were expensive at first, but I priced all the wood and they are not expensive. Great staff joshua, jennifer, and danny in production. You guys rock, thanks!!
Jason HershJason Hersh
02:12 16 Sep 21
I had a great experience with Budget Fence. Things started off a little slow so I got in touch with Danny who straightened everything out immediately and he was a fantastic communicator. Danny was flexible, worked around my schedule and even accommodated a few asks that made my life much easier. I recommend budget fence but know that permits and materials may cause some delays so just be patient because they have the best intentions. Thank you for the great fence!

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